Gutierrez v New Hope Harvesting, LLC

US District Court of the Central District of California

Case No. 2:19-cv-07077-FWS-AJR

You may be eligible to receive money from a class action lawsuit (the “Case”) for alleged Labor Code violations brought by Miguel Gutierrez (“Plaintiff”) against New Hope Harvesting, LLC, Guadalupe Gaspar, Eugenia Gaspar, Araceli Gaspar, and JDB Pro, Inc. (“Defendants”).


Participate in the Settlement and Receive Your Share of Settlement FundsIf you don’t exclude yourself, you are entitled to receive money from the Settlement. In exchange, you will give up your right to assert the wage claims against Defendants that are covered by this Settlement.
You Must Contact the Administrator to Arrange PaymentIf the Settlement is granted final approval by the Court, you must contact the Settlement Administrator to arrange your payment. You may receive a check, bank transfer, or digital credit card by contacting the Settlement Administrator at 1-888-209-3222 or WhatsApp at +1-612-205-1767, or by email at
You Can Challenge the Calculation of Your WorkweeksThe amount of your Class and Civil Penalties Payments (if any) depend on how many workweeks you worked within the Class and PAGA Periods. The workweek estimates are based on Defendants’ records. If you disagree, you must submit a challenge by August 23, 2024.
You Have the Right to Exclude Yourself from the Class Settlement but not the PAGA Settlement
The Deadline to Exclude Yourself is August 23, 2024.
If you don’t want to participate in the Settlement, you can exclude yourself by sending a written request. You no longer will be eligible to recover the Class Payment or object to the Settlement. But you may be able to pursue your claims separately against Defendants.

Note that you cannot exclude yourself from the Civil Penalties portion of the Settlement. If you worked within the PAGA period, you are entitled to receive your share of civil penalties even if you exclude yourself from the Class Payment.
Participating Class Members Can Object to the Class SettlementClass Members who do not exclude themselves have a right to object to any aspect of the proposed Settlement. You may not object if you exclude yourself from the Settlement. Objections must be in writing and submitted to the Administrator on or before August 23, 2024.

Defendants will not retaliate against you for any actions you take with respect to the proposed Settlement.